Phi Beta Kappa Society's Behind The Key Interview

Vincent L. Wimbush, Ph.D. (ΦΒΚ, Morehouse College) is an internationally recognized scholar of religion and a former Phi Beta Kappa Visiting Scholar. The founding director of the Institute for Signifying Scriptures, he has authored or edited over a dozen books, and is the past president of the Society of Biblical Literature. He has previously taught at Union Theological Seminary (New York City); Claremont (CA) School of Theology; Claremont Graduate University; Harvard Divinity School; and Williams College, among others. His research focuses on the critical transdisciplinary study of “scriptures” as a sharp analytical wedge for research and theorizing in the politics and social-psychologics of language, social (de-) formation, conscientization, and orientation to the world, using the experiences of African Americans (and the African diaspora more broadly) to think with.  Click here to read the entire interview